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The vagina is the site of entry for the spermatozoa and exit for the fetus. The stratified squamous epithelium is notable for its production of glycogen, which is broken down into lactic acid as a defense mechanism against pathogens. The lamina propria of the vagina contains many elastic fibers and few glands.

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Los oxiuros generalmente ponen sus huevos alrededor del ano. Si tu hija tiene oxiuros, ellos (y el picor y la irritación que causan) pueden haberse extendido a su vulva y vagina. Los objetos extraños, como trozos de papel higiénico u otros objetos pueden quedarse atrapados en la vagina de tu hija, causando olores y flujo vaginal, incluso


ANATOMIA III - VAGINA EXTERNA 89 MedUFPI. Loading Unsubscribe from 89 MedUFPI? Cancel Unsubscribe. Anatomia do sexo, da vagina e do pênis! Como melhorar a ereção?

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Recently I've noticed that sometimes when I walk I feel like there are needles poking into my vagina. It's tolerable pain, I guess, but it is very uncomfortable and I'd like to know if it's something I should worry about.

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Kotimaisten elokuvien aitiopaikka Teemalla tiistaisin. Teeman syksyyn mahtuvat niin korkealentoinen taide-elokuva kuin harvinainen Päätalo-filmatisointikin. Audrey Hepburn ja maailmassa olemisen taito Audreya ei ihailla vaan rakastetaan, kirjoittaa Anna Möttölä Audreya ei vain ihailla, häntä

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yle vagina

Edellinen esitys: YLE TV2 Ti 13.08.2019 klo 22.40 On aika nostaa mirri pöydälle! Brittiläinen taiteilija Laura Dodsworth valokuvasi sadan naisen paljaan alapään poistaakseen naisen sukupuolielimiin ja kuukautisiin liittyvää salailua, häpeää ja tietämättömyyttä.


Love it or hate it: Finland’s Easter mämmi Throughout Finland mämmi is synonymous with Easter. Newcomers to the country are invariably put off by the unappealing brown hue and odd texture of this seasonal treat, but some eventually develop a taste for the Finnish oddity. Share

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yle vagina

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FACT SHEET FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILIES 1 Rectocele Repair Surgery What is it? A rectocele [REK-tuh-seel] is a bulging of the rectum into the vagina. (See the pictures at right.) It happens when the tissues that support the rectum and vagina are weakened and torn. Rectocele repair surgery (also called posterior wall repair) can strengthen and repair

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