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vittu saatana quotePussy or cunt in finnish. Used as fuck in english. Pronounced as vyt-tu.

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Y’all do a lot of talk about cursed images, but you ever seen the most weirdly unsettling video clip on all of youtube? In the 90s there was this finnish sketch show Kummeli, that once had a gag about a man going into a café and buying a small coffee and a little pastry, which cost 8 finnish

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I could have sworn that sauna was the most famous Finnish word, but perkele is a good word to be famous too. I don’t know how famous perkele is as a word, but i has, at least in the Finnish ear and mind truly some power and shouting it in a loud v

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Suomi is Finland, The land of alcohol, trees, polar bears and metal! The most famous swearing words there in order are: Vittu, Saatana and Perkele!

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vittu saatana quoteNyt vituttaa Saatana! This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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