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Directed by Mike Hollingsworth, Zac Moncrief. With Roger Black, David Herman, Tom Kenny, Jerry Minor. Woody allows the Jesus Hates Homos Church to hold their meeting at Brickleberry.

The U.S. Military Once Proposed a “Gay” Bomb

the gay bombAnd thus the "gay bomb" was born. Far from being the product of conspiracy theorists, documents released to a biological weapons watchdog in Austin, Texas confirm that the US military did

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the gay bombMilitary Proposed "Gay Bomb" 10 Jun 2007 | Posted by U S. News Report - The Air Force once proposed a chemical weapon to make the enemy "sexually irresistible" to each other.

In 1994 The U.S. Military Actually Considered Building A "Gay

Gay Bomb is the sixth episode of the animated series Brickleberry. The homophobic Christian group Jesus Hates Homos gathers at Brickleberry with Woody's permission (because they pay cash). Upon hearing the news, Connie makes herself scarce due to her history with the group's policies, but in the

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The concept of a “gay bomb” sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie. A bomb that would drop a mixture of chemicals on the enemy and literally make them fall in love with one another to distract them from their wartime duties seems like such an impossible, far-fetched, ludicrous plan that no one could ever possibly attempt it, right?

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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Gay Bomb, Woody allows the Jesus Hates Homos Church to hold their meeting at Brickleberry. Connie takes off, because it was this church that tried

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In 2007 though, Gay Bomb won Wright Laboratory the Ig Nobel Peace Prize. This award, especially since it was many years after the plans have allegedly been abandoned, made a lot of people speculate that the gay bomb (or other ridiculous non lethal weapons) may be still in produce.

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The US military investigated building a "gay bomb", which would make enemy soldiers "sexually irresistible" to each other, government papers say. Other weapons that never saw the light of day include one to make soldiers obvious by their bad breath. The US defence department considered various non

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The "gay bomb" and "halitosis bomb" are formal names for two non-lethal psychochemical weapons that a United States Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing. The theories involve discharging female sex pheromones over enemy forces in order to make them sexually attracted to each other.

The U.S. Military's Proposed "Gay" Bomb

It proposed a bomb “that contained a chemical that would cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and to have their units break down because all their soldiers became irresistibly attractive to one

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The Air Force confirmed a report on Tuesday that in 1994 a military researcher requested $7.5 million to develop a non-lethal “love bomb” that would chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to have sex with each other rather than fight.

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