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Hollywood Hunks Laid Bare: 1960s-1970s. Hollywood beefcake photos have titillated both female and gay male fans. Twin brothers Dirk and Dack Rambo were dueling TV heartthrobs.

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Sure there’s blood in guts and a super soapy shower scene in this version of Rambo from Michael Serrato (former cast member of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show) .and Mark Byers, but in this musical version the audience is asked to reexamine what it is to be a man and what it is to be manly. This

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Dack (given name Norman) and identical twin brother, Dirk Rambo (Orman), were born in sunny California in 1941. Dack's noticeable difference was a mole on his left cheek. Both happened upon an acting career, at age 21, after being discovered by Loretta Young for her TV show, while sitting in a church p

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rambo gayThe latest Tweets from Steve Rambo (@realSteveRambo). You may know me as that guy who uploads gay porn to YouTube without the gay sex scenes. Catalina Island, Catalinaville

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rambo gayThe entertainment industry was nearly decimated during the early years of the AIDS pandemic. Here are four actors we lost due to complications from HIV/AIDS and who all appeared on the hit TV drama Dallas.

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rambo gayThough Dallas insiders say it was “common knowledge” Rambo was gay, they deny he was ever shunned by Hagman (who declined to comment). “People say Larry is a nonhomophobic person, and that

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Here at WEHOville, we love a good gay web series. But we also enjoy the occasional spoof with a gay twist. Enter RAMBO, BUT GAY, a new spoof movie that remakes Rambo with homoerotic goodness. Writer-director Michael Serrato takes a movie known for its hypermasculine brand and spins it into a gay

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His brother Dack said that Dirk was bisexual. So, yes, he was at least partially gay. Dack Rambo, the actor who played on Dallas, died of AIDS in 1994.

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rambo gayDack's twin brother Dirk Rambo died at age 25 in 1967 when a woman who was drunk swerved into the opposite lane, and hit Dirk's car head-on. Dirk died from burns suffered in the accident. The woman and Dirk's passenger both survived. Fucking drunk drivers. Dirk and Dack sure were cute. A pity they both died so young.

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RAMBO, BUT GAY is the first in what will hopefully become a series of gay retellings for the Nerdist Channel. Serrato believes that the rapid advancements in gay rights are challenging perceptions about the LGBT community and empowering its members to become everyday heroes, standing for equality, justice, fairness, and fighting for better