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openly gay nhl playersDespite the league's best efforts, the NHL remains the only league without an openly gay player — past or present — among the many who have donned NHL uniforms.

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There has never been even one openly gay player in the NHL as of the day I’m writing this. There are certainly closeted gay players in the NHL, just as there are in every other sport — but to date Brendan Burke, a collegiate hockey manager who hap

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Gay community blog Queerty is reporting that a NHL player will come out this week as the first openly gay athlete in the Big 4 North American professional sports leagues. The rumored player is

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I actually don't think at the NHL level there would be any outwards homophobia in the locker room these days. That stuff gets taken very, very seriously and a lot of players are very outspoken about inclusion in the game. It's definitely an issue at other levels though, and I'd bet fan reactions to a gay NHL player would be by far the worst part.

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openly gay nhl playersNHL players survey: 34 of 35 say they'd accept an openly gay teammate. The NHL has never had an openly gay player, but if a player does come out he will be accepted, according to results of an

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openly gay nhl playersBecause the NHL has not had one of its players come out as gay, MacDonald said the only way to gauge how the league and its players might react to a gay player is by looking at how the league

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Why has there never been an openly gay hockey player in the NHL? 11 NHL Players That Make Us Melt. Any by and large the NHL has done that: In April,

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openly gay nhl playersList of openly gay athletes involved in both professional and college sports. This list includes athletes who have "come out" during their active play and athletes who have come out as gay after retirement.Many of the people on this list probably aren't too familiar since few, if any,

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openly gay nhl playersAs of now, there are no openly gay hockey players in the NHL. However, in a recent poll of all NHL players, over 80% of them said they believe they have a gay teammate.