my crush is gay

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Are you trying to figure out if your crush is playing for your team? You are looking at all the signs and just can not tell because they have not outted themselves yet. Well, this is for you, here are all the signs that I have gathered in my experience in telling if a man is gay.

I just found out my crush is gay and I am devastated and feel

Assuming you’re heterosexual, I’d say there’s nothing for you to do but be the friend you intended to be initially. There was always the possibility of finding out something that could prevent the reality of a possibility with your crush.

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hello guys!! yesterday i told my team mate that i like him.. it gone wrong but wer are still friends! both of us aren't 100% american that's why we've some grammar mistakes.

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my crush is gayHow to Deal With a Crush on Someone of the Same Gender at a Young Age. Having a crush on anyone can be a stressful situation for a young person. It can be even more difficult if the person you have a crush on is the same gender as you. If

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Dating in the queer community can be complicated at any age, but it can be especially tricky in high school. Crush + sexual exploration + gender identity questions + parents and school and friends

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Another gay man whom I adore (but don’t have a crush on) swears my crush is gay. Is there a polite way to ask? Does Hallmark make a card that says, “You are so hot and funny and smell so good

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my crush is gayI just found out my crush is gay and I am devastated and feel stupid (self.offmychest) submitted 2 years ago by stupid_crush I met this guy somehow through work (difficult story but not relevant) during the time I went through a shitty breakup with my ex boyfriend.

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My crush is the cutest guy I’ve ever seen in my life!! But he doesn’t like me.🥺One time in my language arts class, me and my guy friend (who I didn’t like and he’s not gay) were talking so the teacher switched him with my crush.

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i really need advice, so ive known my crush is gay for a while and it broke me, his name is red and he is kind of everything to me and i wish he wasnt gay, so i have 2 questions. we were texting and he admitted he thinks it may just be that he is horny and confused and he may be straight, how should i handle this? question 2: how so i make myself irresistable to him? dont say be yourself i

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my crush is gayHow to Tell if Your Guy Friend Is Gay. There are lots of reasons why you might want to know if your friend is gay. There are some important things that you have to understand about this situation before going forward, however.