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It’s a classic case of did they or didn’t they? Ever since Quincy Jones first alleged that Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando had a sexual relationship back in the day, the internet has been

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Marlon Brando’s Famous Gay Lovers. 1 of 11 . Close gallery. 1 of 11. Marlon Brando changed Hollywood with his macho acting style — but he was a secretly bisexual

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In Darwin Porter's Brando Unzipped (2006), Brando is quoted as saying: "If Wally had been a woman, I would have married him and we would have lived happily ever after."[12] After Cox died, Brando kept his ashes for 30 years; they were eventually scattered with his own.

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Yes he was gay. Depends on how one defines "gay." In his auto-biography, Brando openly spoke of having had homosexual experiences. But he clearly had heterosexual desires for most of his life

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Marlon Brando had gay affair with Richard Pryor Pryor’s wife, Jennifer Lee, confirmed her husband had an affair with Brando Now it has been claimed that Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor

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Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor were lovers, according to the late comedian’s widow. Quincy Jones was first to allege that the legendary duo had a sexual relationship, telling Vulture recently

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Marlon Brando changed Hollywood with his macho acting style — but he was a secretly bisexual sex fiend who slept with plenty of showbiz’s biggest male stars! The two-time Oscar winner had three wives, multiple mistresses and at least 15 children before dying at 80 years old from lung cancer in 2004.

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Marlon Brando Jr. (April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004) was an American actor and film director. With a career spanning 60 years, during which he won the Oscar for Best Actor twice. He is well-regarded for his cultural influence on 20th-century film.

Marlon Brando's love life had an epic cast of women and men

Marlon Brando, at the tender age of 23, gave a performance that caused people to leap to their feet in a 30-minute ovation after the curtain went down. Jessica Tandy (portraying Blanche) was furious, because she knew the applause was not for her.

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Marlon Brando's new biography paints 'The Godfather' actor in a new light, as it reveals how he slept his way around Hollywood. The biography also claims that he slept with some of his male