lesbian sub


lesbian sub

Hi! The name is SAINT and Im a lesbian submissive (bratt) wondering if I can find any stud-lesbians (If you arent familiar with urban phrases, thats a lesbian who dresses masculine) who are also dominant.

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lesbian sub

Lesbian blog around the Sapphic representations in films & movies, series, webseries, documentaries and music clips. This is an amateur website focused on women who love women and lesbian movies.

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lesbian sub

A handy guide to common lesbian (stereo)types. Even if you aren't a lesbian you've probably heard people use descriptors like "power lesbian" or "baby dyke". Sure, you might have an inkling of


Ive started a relationship with an older woman - im 21 and she is 36. Im very submissive and she is always domme, I guess this is natural as she is athletic and im quite small and petite. she uses the strap - on and i always tend to be on my back or on all fours.

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Fem-Lesbian Sub looking for a Stud (Lesbian) Dominant

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Often considered the 1st lesbian film in the U.S. Made in 1914, a silent film by Sidney Drew. Includes blackface comedy. Based on 1891 novel and 1896 play titled A Florida Enchantment by Fergus Redmond and Archibald C. Gunter.

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lesbian sub

Hello, I am a sub and I’ve been with my Dom for 2 years and I will say at the beginning of our relationship I felt like I was a better sub and general life/work did hinder that.