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5 Country Stars Who Are Openly Gay

Along the way I noticed something: Lesbian folk singer-songwriters are often country hybrid artists. They just don’t describe it as such, in part because country music and its fans have seemed

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Rick Diamond/Getty Images. In 1995, Ty Herndon burst onto the country scene with his number one debut single, "What Mattered Most." This was the start of a stream of hits over the latter half of

Weeding at Dawn: A Lesbian Country Life: Hawk Madrone

When country singer Chely Wright revealed to her fanbase that she was a lesbian back in 2010, many of the magazine articles at the time referenced k.d. lang or Melissa Etheridge, to name two earlier gay performers who opted to be true to themselves in public, but very few mentioned an even earlier lesbian country music singer to come out of the closet.

Gay Country Singers - Out and Proud in the South

Lesbian country, Cape Town. 12 likes. U know sum timez people can be so cruel bcuz im biosexual doesnt make less human or not godz creation.

Meet Wilma Burgess, country music’s first openly lesbian

lesbian countryYears ago, I became totally enamored with a Canadian country singer by the name of Michelle Wright. She had short hair, wore a black "catsuit," and pinged - to me, at least. Her voice was very low and incredibly sexy. Fall country fair season in CT brings many small acts, and one was Michelle. I went to see her sing, and waited in line to meet her.


What country has the most lesbians ? I'm not a lesbian I am a man who finds lesbians interesting. But I remember the most lesbians I saw was in China and they were Hot to not all manly like in the US.

The International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western

Welcome to Dinah Shore. "It actually defied my expectations and was very inclusive to people of all identities"

6 More Out Lesbian & Bisexual Country Musicians For Your

lesbian countryHere are 16 lesbian and queer-fronted bands you should keep in rotation. Heather McEntire commands this Southern rock trio whose take on alt-country is fresh, raw, and full of iconic imagery.

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