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I cry out for Him to impale me with His love. My ass worships Him, my mouth worships Him. I cry out for Him to bless me and I am blessed with more Holy Precum. I share this precious fluid with others, others who believe as I do. In my fervent worship of Him, I am taken into a different reality. I am overcome with joy and Cock Lust.

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impale gay

"Alaric" <alar> wrote: > Might be better than Brokeback Mountain. I've tried to watch that movie twice and still haven't made it all the way through. It gets too boring too fast.

Naked sunbather impaled upside-down through groin by 8inch

18 Party Games for Adult Gay Men. By Alexander Cheves. When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned house party romp with all your buds? Read more below.

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9 Insane Torture Techniques. BY David K. Israel. October 19, 2009. So you think your mother-in-law is torturous? Or your boss with the lame sense of humor? Get a load of the following nine insane

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Whingey, bleeding heart, soft-on-crime liberals began to complain that anal impalement was too cruel. (I can't imagine why). So they introduced the soft option of crucifixion. Crucifixion was an instant hit and eventually replaced anal impalement altogether, until it was revived centuries later by that well known traditionalist, Vlad the Impaler.

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This trope is for when someone gets stabbed in a really big way.. The defining element of this trope is the shock value of the impalement: mere death by a bladed weapon (knife, sword, lightsaber, etc.) does not qualify unless the victim is stabbed, and in an extreme fashion - usually, the blade goes all the way through the body so that the point emerges from the victim on the other side.

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impale gay

Vlad highly enjoyed dining with his palace folk in the middle of a circle, formed by the victims he impaled. Especially killing the Turks by this method of torture became an indulgence for him.

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impale gay

A naked sunbather had to be rescued by firefighters after he fell down a slope head first - and landed upside down with a metal spike stuck in his groin. Naturist Gavin Rigby, 34, was left