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There are, however, a few signs that support is growing for gay marriage in recent years. In 2009, Japan's Justice Ministry said that it would start issuing documents sometimes needed by Japanese

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gay marriage japan

Same-Sex Couples Sue For The Right To Marry In Japan They say the constitution's language on marriage should be reinterpreted. It's the first lawsuit challenging the country's rejection of same

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TOKYO — Thirteen gay couples on Thursday filed Japan’s first lawsuits seeking to force the government to recognize same-sex marriage, arguing that their constitutional right to equality had

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A group of 13 same-sex couples in Japan plans to file a lawsuit Thursday challenging their legal inability to marry, depriving them of the ability to inherit property from their partners, make meaningful medical decisions in cases of emergency, and other rights.

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US man in gay marriage sues Japan’s government for same rights to long-term visa as heterosexual foreign couples. Andrew High, a US citizen who is married to a Japanese man, is suing for the

On Valentine's Day 13 Same-Sex Japanese Couples Sue for Marriage

Japan’s major opposition parties submitted a bill Monday calling for same-sex marriage in the world’s third-biggest economy, a move that comes weeks after Taiwan became the first place in Asia

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Same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan at present, nor are same-sex marriages entered into abroad recognized in Japan. Some cities or wards in Japan {Shibuya, Setagaya, Iga, Takarazuka, Naha, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka and Nakano (in Tokyo) at the t

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gay marriage japan

BriHard takes a look at Fire Emblem's gay marriage from the cultural perspective it was written in: Japan's. He says it’s time we look at the issues present from Japan’s perspective and see

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Valentine’s Day arrived this year with the promise of better things to come for Japan’s LGBT communities. On February 12, Toshitake Kuwahara, mayor of the city of Shibuya, announced that the

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13 gay couples filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government on Valentine's Day arguing that their constitutional rights were violated. It's the first such legal action in the country, where 80%