gay marriage germany

Same-Sex Couples Wed in Germany as Marriage Law Takes Effect

Germany's first gay couples to be married will tie the knot on Sunday, after decades of struggle that campaigners say still has ground to make up. Couples will convert existing civil partnerships

In Germany, Catholic Church grapples with blessings for gay

Same-sex marriage in Germany has been legal since 1 October 2017. A bill for legalisation passed the Bundestag on 30 June 2017 and the Bundesrat on 7 July. It was signed into law on 20 July by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and published in the Federal Law Gazette on 28 July 2017.

Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

German lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, a landmark decision which came just days after Angela Merkel softened her stance on the issue.

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gay marriage germany

It is widely believed the Bundestag would legalise gay marriage in a free vote on the issue. Germany is one of a few western countries where same-sex marriage is still not legal. Civil

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Champagne corks pop in Berlin as gay rights supporters celebrate a historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage Photographs by Andrea Gjestvang for CNN Berlin (CNN) — Pouring rain could do

‘Love wins’ in Germany

Generally speaking, getting married in Germany is a short and matter-of-fact affair. The country offers plenty of romantic scenery and beautiful locations for your dream wedding and honeymoon. However, the Federal Foreign Office regards marriage as “a legally binding contract” rather than an act

Angela Merkel signals change in stance on gay marriage in Germany

Two men have become the first gay couple to marry in Germany, on the day gay marriage became legal there. Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende, a couple for 38 years, exchanged their vows at the town hall

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Around 400 members of the LGBT community gathered in front of the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Friday, following the vote on the gay marriage bill, which passed earlier in

Germany to pass same-sex marriage law

LGBT Rights in Germany: homosexuality, gay marriage, gay adoption, serving in the military, sexual orientation discrimination protection, changing legal gender, donating blood, age of consent, and more.

Germans not opposed to same sex marriage | Germany| News and

Couples already entered into a civil partnership can convert that to an official marriage or can continue with the civil partnership and enjoy the full legal protections and obligation of a marriage. It should be noted that same-sex marriages that are officially recognized in other countries, are also recognized as legal marriages in Germany.